Virtual time travels into the past of Berlin
Due to lack of feedback, this free website is reduced back to the German version. The English version can no longer be updated without any support or sponsoring. In the German version you will find many more pictures than you could in the English one, but descriptions are only in German.
Furthermore, for some of the timetravels, you will need a password to see the images. To get it, just send an e-mail to

This non-profit-project resulted from enthusiasm for the history of Berlin and the use of the website is free of charge. The website will be developed constantly, i.e. new pictures and possibly time layers will be added as new material becomes available. So as a copyright holder you are invited to contribute by sharing your pictures. Or you may know sources of public-domain-pictures that we haven´t discovered yet, then please give us a hint.
All images are public domain or used with the permission of the copyright owners, their sources are mentioned atop them in small pop-up-windows. Furthermore, you can reach the sources with a mouseclick on the red dots or triangles and the learn more about the depicted site or find even more pictures of it.





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