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A city in a radical change. After becoming the capital of Germany in 1871, there is a boom like never before. While new quarters are built in record time to serve the permanent need for shelter, also the historic city centre is being remodeled in large parts....


Take a walk through Berlin, as it looked like shortly before world war I: In the past four decades the city had experienced a boom in construction like never before. This is documented in a huge amount of pictures which keep slumbering in different archives. Here you can see some of them in connection with a detailed city map from 1910.
This timetravel has by far the most pictures. Most of the buildings shown here werde destroyed in the following decades...


Shortly before the outbreak of WW II, the impact of the plans of the "Generalbauinspektion Albert Speer" for the radical transformation of Berlin are already visible in many places: The construction of the north-south axis is being prepared by demolishing entire neighborhoods, the Victory Column is moved to its present location, new Ministry buildings and the New Reich Chancellery are completed

Berlin in ruins. Pictures from the years 1945 - 49 document the extent of sestruction as well as the special map, into which the pictures are integrated quite precisely. Furthermore, some events like the Allies´ victory parade can be seen...


The city is in large parts cleaned from rubble, wide ranges are desolate and empty, but the City-West flourishes, while the East it is proud of the construction of Stalin-Alley.
The Soviet aerial view from 1953 shows the whole Berlin still without wall, and from the top one can hardly see any differences between the two halves of the city.


14 years later the city is divided by the wall. In the years around 1968 the centre of East-Berlin is being radically restructured and redesigned. In the western part, whole quarters are demolished for the sake of a new urban development.
This journey is based on two maps: One from East Berlin (1966 ), which shows the western part and the wall strip as "terra incognita", and one from West-Berlin (1967 ), which shows the prewar condition of the eastern part.
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