Zeitreisen Berlin
Four virtual timetravels into the past of Berlin

This is a responsive, but also reduced version of the time travel project for PCs, which was developed by tour guide and webdesigner Alexander Darda from Berlin. You will find hundreds of historic views from the main Berlin archives and private collections, accurately located in historical plans.

How to handle: Tip briefly on one of the red dots or triangles in the plans, and the respective image appears. Close the image by tipping briefly again on the image. Information (for the moment only in German in the mobile version) is provided below the image. For technical reasons, direct links to the image sources can be provided only in the extended version for PCs.

For further information on handling or if this instruction is not applicable to your mobile device, please contact me:
Alexander Darda, Tel. +49-0179 - 9039550

now discover historic Berlin virtually:

Berlin 1914

Berlin 1939

Berlin 1945

Berlin 1968

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Alexander Darda

Schönhauser Allee 113, 10439 Berlin
Tel. 0179 - 9039550